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Janice C. Morse“The Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, a community bank since 1854, has and will always be committed to supporting community-based initiatives such as the Newburyport Literary Festival, which encourages people of all ages to read.” Janice C. Morse, President / CEO

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Mike Jones“One of the greatest gifts that we can give our community is to instill a love of books and reading. The Newburyport Literary Festival  does just that by dedicating an entire weekend to celebrate great literature, writers and readers. The Institution for Savings is honored to be a lead sponsor of this fantastic community event.” Michael J. Jones, President / CEO


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Friends of the Newburyport Literary Festival

Gail Berger
Carlat Publishing, LLC
Jean Carosi
The Carriage Barn
Sheila & William Carruth
Ann Cavan
Lindsay Cavanagh
Kathryn Cerrati
Connolly & Connolly
Holly & David Cookson
Nancy & Paul Crochiere
Jane Elderkin Darrah
Rita Debellis
Maryann Delaney
Christine Doherty
The Elephant’s Trunk
Jennifer Entwistle & Bill MacKay
Maureen Farren
Carol Feingold
Pamela Fenner
Edith Foy
Dr. Ralph Fowler
Camille Garro
Susan & Francis Gately
Deborah & Daniel Gaudet
Alison Gibbs
Nicki Girouard
Sue & Robert Given
Goose Chase Baking Company
Grateful Participant
Janice Gregory
Linda Harding & Hugh Martinez
Susan & Richard Harris
Vicki & Dyke Hendrickson
Marcia Herson
Kenneth Irwin
Annalee Johnson
Cindy & Stuart Johnson
Karen Holmes Physical Therapy
Diana Kerry
Kipp Family
Brian Kologe
Michael Laine
Brenda LeClerc
Gail F. Leclerc
Kim & Lyle Lieberman
Patricia & Robert Loiselle
Elizabeth Lorayne
Vivi Lorayne
Astrid Lorentzson
Eleanor Lyons
Christina Welch Matthews
Jay McCarthy
Lisa Mead
Alexandra Mezey
Ann Miles
Nancy Miller
Margaret & Brian Moore
Joanne Morris
Marge & Skip Motes
Judy Mouradian
Rachel Mullen
Anne Mulvey
Newburyport Bar Association
Lawrence Ogden
Donna O’Neill
Elizabeth & Jonathan Oski
Rhonda Papp
Mary & Bruce Parks
Pauline & Mark Peters
Joanie & Dick Purinton
Cynthai Raschke
Susan Reslewic
Theodore Ruetnik
Jack Santos
Mary Schaefer
Laurel Seneca
Rebecca Shea
Claire & Michael Sills
Charles F. & Marianne Small Charitable Foundation
Cheryl Smith
Scott and Anne Easter Smith
Bonnie Sontag
Jesslyn Sullivan
Taylor Rental
Christine & Jeffrey Tomlinson
Marc Tucker
Peggy & James Utterback
Margot & David Vine
Margaret Welch
Betsy Westendorf
Martha Williams
Sharon and Eugene Winter
Betsy & Jonathan Woodman
Meo Young

Newburyport Literary Festival, A Project of the Newburyport Literary Association
PO Box 268 Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 465-1257