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Janice C. Morse“The Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, a community bank since 1854, has and will always be committed to supporting community-based initiatives such as the Newburyport Literary Festival, which encourages people of all ages to read.” Janice C. Morse, President / CEO

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Mike Jones“One of the greatest gifts that we can give our community is to instill a love of books and reading. The Newburyport Literary Festival  does just that by dedicating an entire weekend to celebrate great literature, writers and readers. The Institution for Savings is honored to be a lead sponsor of this fantastic community event.” Michael J. Jones, President / CEO


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Friends of the Newburyport Literary Festival

Abraham’s Bagel in kind
Colleen Kilcoyne & Donald Arnoudse
Joan & Sam Baily
James Shanley & Karen Battles
Dr. & Mrs. Francis Bell
Bennett & Co.
Mrs. Robert J. Blumsack
Sarah Bodge
Carolyn Roy-Bornstein
Katherine T. Bresnahan
Kathleen Carey
Kathyryn Carr
Sheila & Will Carruth
Ann Cavan
Lindsay Cavanaugh
Beth Welch & Chuck Christensen
Karen Clagget
Connolly & Connolly
Lucia & Thom Connolly
Patricia Connelly
Holly Robinson Cookson
Cindy Cooper
Joy & Andrew Cowles
Nancy Crochiere
Gina Digiovanni in kind
Mary Doyle
Paula Esty
Dorothy & Howard Fairweather
Maureen Farren
Susan & Les Ferlazzo
Edith Foy
Joan & Thomas Freund
Kathy Gagne
Beth Gerwig
Christine & John Gibson
Tina Gibson
Nicki Girouard
Susan Given
Greater Newburyport Bar Association
Theresa & Larry Guintar, Jr.
Susan Hern
Janet Hansen
Betty Harrington
Elizabeth & William Harris
Vicki & Dyke Hendrickson
Mayor Donna Holaday
Lois Honneger
Janet Howell
Annette V. Janes
Carolyn & Stephen Johnson
Cindy & Stuart Johnson
David Jones
Rochelle T. Joseph
Kelly’s Taylor Rental
Diana Kerry
Pamela Kipp
Koglin Orthodontics
Erika & Robert Kynor
Ann & Chuck Lagasse
Susan LaFortune
Mary & Peter Leary
Diana Lemp
Eleanor H. McCarthy
Mary Lou Mackin
Linda Harding & Hugh Martinez
Hiitis Meagain
Donna O’Neill & Anne Mulvany
Glenn Myers
Newburyport Pediatric Dentistry, PC
Jean O’Donnell
Marcia Adams O’Neil
Dr. John Paulo
Mary & Bruce Parks
Betsy Peffer
Bonnie Pierce
Eileen & Jack Pramberg
Kat Preftes
Barbara Dowd & Michael Prendergrast
Joanie & Dick Purinton
River Valley Real Estate
Sandra Robson
Judy Mouradian & Ted Ruetenik
Jack Santos
Brenda LeClerc & Laurel Seneca
Judith Shivik
Ellen Becker & Bruce Skud
Souffle’s in kind
Claire & Peter Spellman
The Carriage Barn in kind
The Elephant’s Trunk, Inc.
The Five Cents Savings Bank
The Institution for Savings
The Newburyport Commission for Diversity and Tolerance
Cathy & Roger Thibedeau
Sharon & Marc Tucker
Margaret & James Utterback
Margot & Dave Vine
Sarah & Alan Ward
Watts Eye Associates
Anne and Rick Welch
Margaret Welch
Sharon & Gene Winter
Betsy & Jonathan Woodman
Mary Wooley
Diane J. Young

Newburyport Literary Festival, A Project of the Newburyport Literary Association
PO Box 268 Newburyport, MA 01950
(978) 465-1257