Sponsors & Friends

Founding Sponsors

“The Newburyport Bank, a community bank since 1854, has and will always be committed to supporting community-based initiatives such as the Newburyport Literary Festival, which encourages people of all ages to read.”
Lloyd Hamm, President / CEO

Mike Jones“One of the greatest gifts that we can give our community is to instill a love of books and reading. The Newburyport Literary Festival does just that by dedicating an entire weekend to celebrate great literature, writers and readers. The Institution for Savings is honored to be a lead sponsor of this fantastic community event.”
Michael J. Jones, President / CEO

Additional Funding & Support By

Friends of the Newburyport Literary Festival

Anonymous (12)
Bonnie and Alan Amos
Peter Blaiwas & Brian Hotchkiss
Stacey & Mark Brandon
Paula Breger
Tricia Buckley
Linda Lu & John Burciaga
Vicki Carr
Karen Clagett
Linda M. Clark
Matthew Cockreham
Chris Czernik
Jane Darrah
Patricia Dubus
Kathleen English
Rebecca & Jeff Esche
Rhina P. Espaillat
Howard & Dorothy Fairweather
Carol Feingold
Katherine & Gregory Gendron
Nicki Girouard
Kelly Gray
Greater Newburyport Bar Association
Barbara Griffith
Richard & Susan Harris
Jeffrey & Julia Harrison
Annalee Johnson
Stuart & Cindy Johnson
Rochelle Joseph
Fran & Robert Kaplan
Barbara Keeler
Elizabeth & Bruce Kieffer
Corrine Kimball
Robert & Dorothy LaFrance
Michael Laine & Mary Young
Sydney Lea

Katharine M. Lord
Eleanor Lyons
R. Bruce MacDougall
Sara Medeiros
Thomas Mela
Florence Mercer
Tina Morris
Helen Morse
Marge & Skip Motes
Newburyport Bank Charitable Foundation
Marcia O’Neil
Janet Pacak
Pauline & Mark Peters
Cynthia Raschke
Carlos Reyes
Marie Riley
River Valley Real Estate
Ted Ruetenik, Judy Mouradian Charitable Fund
Jack Santos
Karen King Seaman
Ingrid Serrell
Jennifer Shepherd
Cheryl B. Smith
Bonnie Sontag
Marisa Anne Stevens
Jesslyn Sullivan
Sarah Thurston
Gary and Ellen Tirone
Marc K. Tucker, Esq.
Jim & Peggy Utterback
Margot and Dave Vine
Karen Wakefield
Margaret Welch
Beth Welch
Sharon and Gene Wintner